Democratic lobbying giant Glover Park Group Signs Somaliland

February 22, 2012 Licence British-based Somalilanders wave the flag of the internationally unrecognised self-declared republic of Somaliland as they hold a pro-independence rally outside Downing street in London on February 22, 2012. The protesters were calling for recognition of Somaliland, currently a region of Somalia in the eyes of the international community, as a soverign state following the region's unilateral declaration of independence over two decades ago

The government of Somaliland has hired Washington, D.C. Democratic lobbying giant Glover Park Group to act as an advisory on communications and government relations matters.

Somaliland, which split from southern country of Somalia and declared its independence after a 1991 civil war, is seen as an autonomous region and functions as a self-declared country.

The East African territory, which has its own currency and army, as well as a democratically elected government, maintains informal relations with the United Nations, the European Union and countries like the United States, but remains unrecognized internationally as a sovereign state.

According to Foreign Agents Registration Act documents filed in February, Glover Park will advise Somaliland on communications and government relations matters as they pertain to the territory’s bilateral relations with the United States.

Contractual terms of the work have not been finalized. The pact was signed by Republic of Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Saad Ali Shire.

WPP owns Glover Park Group.

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