Watch:Somalian family of 9 arrives safely in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) –A mother and her eight children from Somalia just landed in Kansas City thanks to a stay on President Donald Trump’s travel ban.
As judges decided if the ban will remain or not, local groups are helping the refugees relocate to the metro.
A crowd of supporters greeted the family as they got off a plane. They are now headed to their new home in the Northland.
A mother, her four daughters and four sons were supposed to come to Kansas City last Thursday.
Then, Trump issued an executive order travel ban that halted their trip.

“I can only imagine what the families must have been feeling,” said Judy McGonigle Akers, executive vice president of the Della Lamb Refugee Resettlement Program.
The mom and her children, all between 4 and 18, had lived in a refugee camp for seven years. They went through a two year vetting process to come to the United States.
The crowd of Kansas Citians greeted them.

“Just knowing where they come from and the journey and knowing how hard it must’ve been,” said Brooke Fisher. “It makes me emotional to think of all she has been through.”
The organization Della Lamb Community Services is helping the family until they can learn to speak English, find employment with the goal of becoming self sustaining.
A spokesperson for the organization says two other trips to Kansas City for families were canceled.


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