SAVE Executive Director Statement on upcoming Somalia’s Presidential election 2017

SAVE aims to foster a deeper understanding and provide a platform to counter violence and violent extremism, We advocate for policies and systematic approach to peace-building and conflict resolution which is integrated into local, regional and national policies that are inclusive, accountable and participatory. It is therefore as the executive director of SAVE I must highlight and underline the pressing security concerns of SAVE members, Somali Youth and the Somali community at large both locally and in the Diaspora.
This upcoming election is extremely important to all Somalis regardless where they are located in the world. It serves us all as a milestone and a clear sign of the progress Somalia, its people has made, the challenges they have overcame and continue to overcome on daily basis, and the future they have envisioned for themselves – one that is peaceful, stable and sustainable.
Its duty upon any presidential candidate to listen to the voices of the people he/she wants to represent.
We are all understand that the biggest threat to the progression and stability in Somalia is violence, none state armed groups and violent extremism.
We strongly advice and urge the incoming leadership of Villa Somalia to prioritise Peace-building, stability and security:
• By adequately strengthen our military, intelligence and security forces
• By investing time, efforts and capital in addressing and finding sustainable solutions to the protracted conflicts in some parts on Somalia
• By evaluating and testing innovative and traditional methodologies that can both capture long-term and multipart change processes while being sensitive to ongoing and underlying conflicts dynamics.
• We strongly urge the new administration to enforce a culture of accountability, transparency and reconciliation by equally listening to and valuing the diverse and vast political spectrum of the Somali community.
• Ensuring that all representatives of the Somali society, all tribes, specially minority groups are given an opportunity to directly engage with Villa Somalia and its development plans for Somalia.
• We also advise the incoming administration to incorporate , implement and act upon UN Security Council resolution 2250 which urges member states to increase presentation of youth in decision making at all levels, Amman Youth Declaration on Youth, peace and security adopted in Amman, Jordan, and the follow up conference which took place in Mogadishu and its recommendations.
• The new administration must remember that the fight against violence in Somalia is not one we are going to win by military force only, we must give equal attention to social, psychological and economic dynamics. We must incorporate new and traditional reconciliation mythologies into all parts of the social and political fabric of our society.
Lastly SAVE members are hoping and extremely excited about Somalia’s presidential election 2017, and although our membership is diverse in political representation we all jointly advocate for a president who puts the interest of Somalia, its people and peace-building process as the highest priority going forward in shaa Allah.
By Sagal Mohamoud Mohamed (Ashour) SAVE Executive Director

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