UPDATE:KDF denies al Shabaab claim of 66 deaths, working to take back camp

A file photo of KDF spokesman Paul Njuguna at the DoD. /COLLINS KWEYU
KDF has denied claims that scores died after al Shabaab militants attacked its base in Kulbiyow, Somalia, on Friday morning.

Al Shabaab said its fighters killed at least 66 people, adding they overran the camp near the Kenyan border.

The militant group also said it lost fighters but did not give numbers.

But KDF spokesman Paul Njuguna dismissed the reports as “propaganda from the enemy”.

“We’ve repulsed the enemy. We were ready. We’ve not been overrun. It’s false,” he said.

“It is important to note that contrary to information peddled by the terrorists, out camp has not been overran.”

Recounting the ordeal, Njuguna said the militants tried to access the camp using a Suicide Vehicle Borne IED but that Kenyan soldiers fiercely engaged them.

“KDF soldiers repulsed the terrorists and killed scores. Al Shabaab are on the run,” he said.

“Our brave soldiers are currently undertaking intensive pacification operation reinforced by Kenya Army and Kenya Air Force planes.”

He underlined that the troops will remain vigilant and continue to relentlessly pursue the terrorists to secure Kenya and Somalia.

In January 2016, al Shabaab said it had killed more than 100 Kenyan soldiers in El Adde, a Somali camp near the border with Kenya.

The Kenyan military is yet to give details of casualties but media reports suggested a toll of that magnitude.

Al Shabaab, whose assessment of casualties often differs markedly from official versions, typically rams the entrance to a target site with a car or truck bomb so fighters can storm in.

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