International community calls for speedy election of Somali president

The international community on Sunday called for speedy formation of the Joint Ad Hoc Committee to facilitate the holding of a presidential poll by both houses of Somalia’s parliament.
In a joint statement issued in Mogadishu after the installation of the parliamentary leadership, which concluded a crucial phase of the electoral process, the partners said members of the new parliament will face a hefty and critical legislative agenda.
The partners that include the United Nation, the African Union and the European Union said abuses and malpractices that tarnished some of the parliamentary voting must be avoided at all costs.
“The international community wishes to stress the paramount importance of conducting a transparent, clean and credible presidential election whose outcome will be widely accepted by the people of Somalia and the international community,” it said.
“At a time when Somalia is facing multiple challenges including the drought, joblessness and insecurity, parliamentarians have the opportunity to show leadership which responds to citizens’ most basic needs,” said Michael Keating, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia.
Earlier this month, Mohamed Osman Jawari was elected Speaker of the Lower House. On Sunday, Abdi Hashi Abdullahi was elected Speaker of the Senate.
The international partners said it will also be important to review legislation the previous parliament was unable to pass, and develop new legislation required for good governance.
They said the new federal parliament that comprises the most diverse group of legislators in the country’s history have a solemn duty to convert that achievement into positive reforms that will expand opportunities for women, youth and minorities in Somali politics and society.

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