Al-Shabaab destroy Orange, Safaricom masts in Mandera

This communication mast was damaged by suspected Al-Shabaab militants at Dabasa on June 24, 2016. Two similar attacks in Dabacity and Kotulo on December 12, 2016 have left residents worried that terrorists could ben planning a major attack. FILE PHOTOS | MANASE OTSIALO | NATION MEDIA GROUP
In yet another attack, suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists damage Safaricom and Orange telecommunication masts in Kotulo, Mandera County, on Monday night.
Elwak Deputy County Commissioner Peter Karanja on Tuesday confirmed the incident and said the masts were destroyed at Chuma Mrefu.

Speaking to by phone, Mr Karanja said a team of security personnel had been deployed to “find out what exactly happened.”


Resident Abdi Siadi said: “There was a loud explosion at around 11 pm.”

On Monday, gunmen damaged a Safaricom mast at Dabacity, some three kilometres from Kotulo.

County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia said the attack happened at about 1.45am.

Locals now fear Al-Shabaab militants could be preparing for a major attack following the damage to the equipment.


During the Dabacity attack, Mr Shisia said the attackers overpowered the five Kenya Police Reservists (KPR) deployed to guard the mast.

“The five KPRs guarding the installation tried to resist but the weapons of the attackers were superior, forcing them to run to safety,” he said.

He said the KPRs’ intervention limited the damage caused by the attackers.

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