Presidential elections delayed in Somalia, again

Election commission head says eligible voting MPs ‘not ready’
By Mohammed Dhaysane
The presidential election has been once again delayed, the country’s electoral commission announced late Monday.
Commission chairman Omar Mohamed Abdulle, also known as Omar Dhegey, said the election would not took place Nov. 30 as scheduled.
“We are very sorry to share with Somali people that the presidential election is postponed again because the members of parliament, those who could vote, are not ready,” Dhegay said following a news conference.
“Next date of Somali’s presidential election will be made in December by newly elected members of the next parliament as the election of lower house still continues in the whole of country,” he added.
After the election of the lower house, which could be concluded as early as Dec. 15, lawmakers will elect the speaker of Parliament before the election of Somalia’s next president.
It is the third time in as many months the elections have been postponed.
Approximately 14,000 delegates are involved in the current lower house elections. Somalia’s next president will be elected by 275 MPs.
The coalition of opposition parties condemned the election delays.
Mogadishu Mayor and current presidential candidate Mohamud Axmed Noor Tarzan told Anadolu Agency the decision is “politically motivated”.
“We knew that this decision is politically motivated but we will not accept this further delay,” Tarzan said.
Opposition leaders have called for protests against outgoing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, whom they accuse of causing the delays.

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