African Billionaire Will Give $1 Million To Anyone Who Wants To Leave America if Donald Trump is Elected President

Washington, D.C. – South African Billionaire, Femi Adenugame, has released a statement offering to help
Washington Dc-Billionaire, Femi Adenugame, has released a statement offering to help African-Americans leave the United States if Donald Trump is elected president. According to reports, he is offering $1 Million, a home and car to every Black family who wants to come to South Africa.
Concerns about Donald Trump becoming president has prompted a South African billionaire to invest his fortune in helping African-Americans leave the United States to avoid further discrimination and inequality. With the recent media coverage exposing police brutality and racially motivated crimes against African-Americans, Femi Adenugame, has decided to put his fortune to what he believes is good use. He has created the “Back To Africa” movement in efforts to assist African-Americans in returning to their “motherland” and starting a fresh life. According to reports, Femi Adenugame has invested over $500 Million into the project. Adenugame owns 5 commercial 747 jets and a fleet of cruise ships which he plans to use to transport those who are interested in “returning” to Africa from the United States.




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