Somaliland:Sonsaf-SSE Joint Press Statement: Somaliland Presidential Elections


Somaliland Non- State Actors Forum (SONSAF) and Somaliland Society in Europe (SSE) held extensive
discussions during the months of September and October of this year.

These discussions focused on the electoral process and the need for timely, free and fair elections to be held on 28 March 2017.
To accelerate finalizing the voter registration process and to produce preliminary voter list, final voter list and distribution of voter cards in timely fashion is essential to the electoral process of Somaliland.

In this regard, SONSAF and SSE call on the Government of Somaliland and the National Electoral
Commission (NEC) to maximize the level of information sharing by disseminating a clear election
The recent election postponement of the House of Representatives was a clear sign that Somaliland’s
electoral process faces tremendous political and legal challenges which requires consistent and coherent
political decisions.

In this regard, we (SONSAF and SSE) are ready to offer our advices and technical
support reaching a long long-lasting solution.
SONSAF and SSE urge the Somaliland Government to develop a roadmap for the parliamentary
elections, believing that some critical issues of regional representations, women and minority quotas are
the key outstanding factors in the elections.

The roadmap for parliamentary elections will be an
imperative step forward to ensure the minimum necessary period to resolve these critical issues.
Therefore, the Somaliland civil society and diaspora communities believe that timely elections can
advance the political stability and in winning national solidarity.

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