Mogadishu Car Blast Kills 3


A car bomb exploded outside a tire shop in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, on Sunday evening, killing at least three people and injuring four others, witnesses and officials said.

A VOA reporter says the driver, a suspected al-Shabab suicide attacker, is among the dead.

A journalist with Dalsan Radio Station in Mogadishu, which is located near the explosion site, said he heard a huge blast and then saw smoke and flame emerge.

“I heard a thunderous explosion, sending flames and large, black plumes of smoke into the air, and I can still see the flames lighting up the whole areas.”

“The car exploded just outside the tire repair and services center in Bondhere District north of Mogadishu. One of the shop staff members, the suspected al-Shabab attacker driving the car, and a passerby have died in the attack,” Mohamed Abdulle, a police officer who was among the first responders, told VOA.

He added that police are still investigating the nature of the attack and the potential target.

Doctors at Media hospital in the capital have confirmed that four injured people were admitted at their facility.

Nobody has so far claimed responsibility for the attack.


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