Saudi king sends congratulations to Somalia – but on wrong day

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has congratulated Somalia
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has congratulated Somalia “on the anniversary of the country’s national day”, but on the wrong date.
Bizarrely, it does not appear to be a slip-up.
Since 2007, the monarchy has sent his congratulations on 20 October, despite the fact that Somalia does not commemorate a national day then.
On 21 October 1969, Col Mohamed Siad Barre took power in a military coup.
Although the day was marked during President Barre’s regime, it has not been observed since he was deposed in 1991.
Somali independence day is marked on 1 July, the date in 1960 when British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland merged to form the Republic of Somalia.
In his message, King Salman “sent a cable of congratulations to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of federal republic of Somalia on the anniversary of his country’s national day”, according to a report by the official Saudi Press Agency on 20 October.
The Saudi deputy prince and crown prince also sent similar messages.


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