Kenya enhances security along Somali border

Kenya said on Tuesday that it has enhanced security along its Somali border to thwart terror attacks from Al-Shabaab militants from Somalia.

Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia told journalists that security agents have learned lessons following last week’s terror attack where six people were killed by suspected Al-Shabaab gunmen.

“We are on high alert and if our enemy thinks we are not awake, let them dare us,” Shisia warned and refuted reports that the attackers were from within the county.

He appealed for patience as security personnel pursue the killers, saying security agents have established routes used by the Al-Shabaab as they cross over from Somalia.

Shisia said no suspect has been arrested so far after the attack on a residential plot. Police have been accused of failing to respond to the attacks on time, leaving it to ill-equipped police reservists.

The administrator dared the militants to execute any attack using the same routes and assured travelers of adequate security as they travel within the county saying security measures have been put in place.

Shisia advised residents to be reporting such terror incidents to senior security agents who will take necessary action to curb an attack.

“If we would have had such information we would have sealed off the entire area and arrest or kill the militants,” said the government administrator.

He said the militants hit the electronic shop as a diversionary tactic to divide attention of security agents.

“They wanted our security forces to run to the communications shop which was hit about five minutes early so as to continue killing occupants of the plot uninterrupted,” Shisia said.

Shisia assured travelers of adequate security as they travel within the county saying security measures have been put in place.

The Somali militants have been targeting military and police vehicles either by laying an ambush or planting explosives on the road in northeast region, especially in Mandera and Garissa counties.

A number of security personnel have died as a result of the attacks, some of which involved Improvised Explosive Devices placed on roadsides by Al-Shabaab militants.

Kenya, currently engaged in the fight against the militia group in southern Somalia where its soldiers under the Africa Union Peacekeeping Mission (AMISOM) have been registering impressive gains and extending humanitarian assistance to the local population.


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