Somaliland:President Silanyo Meets With Director of Interpeace


Horndiplomat-The President of the republic of Somaliland Ahmed Mahamud Silanyo received High level from Interpeace Peace led by the Director General Mr Scott M. Weber according to Presidential press release.

The Meeting was Discussed the Kay Areas About the Somaliland Upcoming elections and The Voter Registration Commenced in Sool Region of Somaliland .

The President talked about the democratic process of the country and said it is going well, as planned. Speaking on the voter registration as crucial part of democratization, the President said that the registration of 206 sites in Sool region have fully opened and still running without difficulty.

Meanwhile The Interpeace Director General Mr.Scott M webber Speaks for the Local media after the President Meeting says ” We had Wonderful Meeting his Excellency The President In order to discuss the very impressive commitment of his excellency the president in particular to hold free and fair elections in march 2017.”
Mr.Scott also He stated the Interpeace Role of somaliland he says ” Interpeace has been involved in Somaliland for 20 Years supporting Somaliland Through all its various efforts to build a Strong state and democratic society.”

Mr .Scott added “We also partners pf the academy of peace and development. we hoping to continue to support Somaliland as it continues to consolidate its vision for peaceful society in the Future.” Said Scott M.Weber The Director general of Interpeace Peace.

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By.Mohamed Duale HORNDIPLOMAT Corespondent in Somaliland @MohamadDuale


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