Turkish Consulate pushes Somaliland close Nile Academy

The Turkish Consul in Somaliland Mr. Muzaffer Yuksel Speak of Somaliland Local Media Photo by Turkish Consulate in Hargeisa

Horndiplomat-Turkish consul based in Hargeisa Mr. Muzaffer Yuksel urges Somaliland authority to take the same footsteps of countries suspended the humanitarian assistance provided by Association affiliated with the Muslim cleric Mr. Fethullah Gülen who Turkey accuses him being the mastermind behind the failed military coup attempt On 15 July 2016.Horndiplomat Report
According to the consul who was speaking to the journalists at a press conference in Hargeisa Thurs. 21, July “Not only the Somalia Government took that action after that unsuccessful heinous attack; a lot of countries started to review the existence of those schools belonged to Jama’ at group organization’’.

The Turkish Consul in Somaliland Mr. Muzaffer Yuksel Speak of Somaliland Local Media Photo by Turkish Consulate in Hargeisa

The consul Also Added “Somaliland Government to choose between either Terrorist Organisation by Fethullah Gülen or the Republic of Turkey.” Said Muzaffer Yuksel.
The Federal Government of Somalia suspended the activities of the Nile Academy that associated with Fethullah Gülen in a cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime minister, ‘The Turkish did not pressure to close those schools in Mogadishu but cabinet of ministers immediately after that attack came together and decided to suspend the activities with their own will, according to the understanding of the their own rules.’’ Said the consul on the press conference
Somaliland ruled out to close the Nile Academy Schools unless the Nile Academy is indicted by the Somaliland courts. Somaliland courts have to hear the case raised against the Nile Academy before such a move of suspension or closure is taken by the government of Somaliland according to Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire

Meanwhile The Turkish Consul  Mr. Muzaffer Yuksel  also Urged His Government Accepts for Somaliland Passport Says “Th Accepting in Somaliland Passport, Our Consulate Start Accepted with Somaliland Passport. The Issue To Visa Afor His Excellences President Silanyo and The First Lady Proudly.” Said The Turkish Consul In Somaliland.

The Turkish failed Coup

In Somaliland, As you go through the down towns of Somaliland and visit the ‘Tea-shops’ where the people always gather and discuss politics, you experience that the people of Somaliland are against any coup attempt to the democratically elected government of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They say that they have great value for the people of Turkey because of the historical ties between the two nations since the Ottoman Empire.
But on the other hand, the people of Somaliland are still searching the reason that Turkey is implementing substantial projects of investments in Somalia and neglecting Somaliland – the epicenter of the Turkish- East Africa historical relationship.

Turkish Historical Sites in Somaliland

A Turkish Mosque built during Ottoman Empire (image: Mjama)
Mosque library built by Ottomans in Berbera (Image @ Mjama)

ZEILA Governor House (built by Ottoman Empire)


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