Former Burundi Minister Hafsa Mossi Assassinated

minister for Burundi, Hafsa Mossi

Horndiplomat-Bujumbura — The first East African Community (EAC) affairs minister for Burundi, Hafsa Mossi was shot dead by unknown gunmen outside her home in Bujumbura yesterday.

A close relative said the former minister was near her home when a vehicle with tinted windows hit her car from behind. She was shot twice when she got out of her car to find out what had happened.

“Hon. Mossi assassinated 10.30 in Gihosha”, in the east of Bujumbura by, “two criminals in a vehicle,” police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye said on Twitter. Ms Mossi was chairperson of the East African Legislative Assembly’s (EALA) Burundi chapter and had played a critical role in Burundi’s integration into the EAC.

Hon Mossi had been conducting sensitisation workshops with the EALA’s Burundi chapter with various stakeholders at the grassroots level on the benefits of Burundi’s integration into the bloc.

EALA Speaker Daniel Kidega strongly condemned Ms Mossi’s killing, saying the regional assembly had lost a hard working member who was committed to the ideals of the integration. He urged the Burundian government to bring the killers yo justice.

“My heartfelt condolences to the government, family and friends as well as to the citizens of Burundi. I appeal for calm at this point and hope the authorities will move fast to ensure those behind the barbaric and cowardly act are immediately apprehended,” Mr Kidega said.

The killing is the latest in a series of targeted assassinations of top government officers by unknown armed groups.



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