Somalia: Government Pardons Prisoners Ahead of Eid Fitr Festival


HORNDIPLOMAT-Federal Government of Somalia has pardoned inmates as sign of good gesture to honor the end of the holy month of Ramadan. More than nine prisoners were freed to join and celebrate with families in the middle Shabelle region/


Middle Shabelle region governor Ali Abdullahi Hussein witnessed the emotional occasion at Jowhar police station in which eight men and a woman were freed.

According to regional administration spokesman Daud Haji Ciro the inmates who were detained and were in prison for various crimes committed were not danger to the community and thus allowed to enjoy with their families during great Islamic holiday.

As official Muslim state Somali government pardons scores of prisoners mainly during major Islamic holidays. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has renewed amnesty for armed group Alshabaab during last Ramadan holiday and same is expected incoming Eidul Fitr this year on Wednesday.


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