Somaliland President congratulates new Prime minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed

Somaliland President HE.Muse Bihi Abdi and Ethiopian New Prime Minister Dr.Abiy Ahmed

Horndiplomat-The Ethiopian House of People’s Representative (HPR) today appointed the newly elected Chairperson of EPRDF, Dr Abiy Ahmed, as Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Dr Abiy sworn in as Prime Minister at a ceremony held at the House.

The president of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi sends a congratulation message to the newly elected prime minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia.According Press statement by Somaliland Presidential Palace .

 President Bihi’s Congratulation Message to Abiy Ahmed

On behalf of the government and the people of the Republic of Somaliland, I congratulate Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali for his election as the PM of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the chairman of the ruling Party EPRDF.

The president also congratulated our brothers, our neighborhood, people of Ethiopia who we share a deep relationship and direct interests.
The president also thanked the former prime minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn how he initiated the tightening of relations between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

By:Mohamed Duale chief editor of Horndiplomat tweets @MohamadDuale


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