In Pictures -Somaliland International Marathon 2018

runners in line waiting the 10km race to start

Hordiplomat-Somaliland International Marathon Run, which is expected to become a yearly event, is the first time such an international event to be held in Somali territories since 1991.

The event was largely organized by a team from Untamed Borders Ltd led by James Wilcox, including co-organizers Enda Nevin and Oliver Sills. Ahmed Salan played a leading role in bringing the event to Somaliland.

Fozia, a nurse, and visual artist running for the 42km marathon for the Somaliland marathon, she placed the 3rd for the women.[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
volunteers directing/guiding the runners on the route.[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
volunteers getting ready and taking selfies.[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
fixing the stage where the awards will be given later that morning [Photo by Mustafe Saed]
runners of the 10km race getting into the [Photo by Mustafe Saed]
the 10km race runners stretching prior the marathon start[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
runners in line waiting the 10km race to start[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
runners in line waiting the 10km race to start[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
Mr. Guled Abdullahi Mahmud (3:01:45) in second place for the 42km race of the marathon[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
Medical volunteer helping one of the runners who go hurt streaching around the stadium[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
Runners helping each other wear the tag number[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
Rooble Mohamed managing the last registrations for the 10km race for the Somaliland Marathon at the stadium[Photo by Mustafe Saed]


waiting to sign the runner tag number at the 5km point of the 10km race.[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
In the 42 Kilometre, David Hallard (2:55:27) was the victor while Mr. Guled Abdullahi Mahmud (3:01:45) in second place and while on the third spot was Robert Michalski(3:16:44).

The men’s 10 thousand meters, the winner was Mr. Said Farhan Omer, 34’ 12”, 2ndplace Hamse Haybe Aden and Mahmud Ibrahim Mumin in the 3rd spot with 34’ 33’.

Ms. Vicky Burford, was the winner of Somaliland International Marathon Run women 10 thousand meters, in the second spot was Shaylene Tomarty and Fozia Ahmed Omer clinching third place.


British Runner David Hallard (2:55:27) who won the first place for the 42km race.[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
Runners resting after the marathon ended[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
Performers from SOCSA performing at the closing ceremony of the marathon[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
third place Runner Robert Michalski from Polland [Photo By Mustafe Saed]

Runners resting outside a full tent after they finished the 10km run in the first mixed gender marathon in Hargeisa, Somaliland.[Photo by Mustafe Saed]
The 42.2 km marathon and the 10km race will start and finish in Somaliland’s capital city, Hargeisa. These are semi-supported events with basic medical provision and drinks at each of the stations along the routes.

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