Somaliland:The only nation on Earth where the main opposition party works against elections taking place

A woman places her vote in the box during the Somaliland elections 2010 (photo © Claudia Simoes/Progressio)
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By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed
Normally opposition parties are the once whom nurtures and fights for democracy especially elections all over the world, since they are selling a ticket of change to the electorate. However the situation is different here in Somaliland.
 Currently the main opposition party WADDANI works openly against elections taking place by forwarding various excuses, lobbying against elections, spreading unfounded propaganda against the national election commission, and blackmailing the election processes. Therefore the question worth asking why they are doing this?. Many local political commentators have explained this on the following   factors:
  1. Waddani opposition party prefers national anarchy rather then elections. Their candidate is the speaker of the house of representatives for the last 13 years,thus Waddani party believes successive election delays may result choas,power vacuum and anarchy, which will automatically result a power sharing government, where their candidate participates without going through tough elections.
  2. They also believe successive election delays is the deadly tablet for the ruling Kulmiye party, where the party rating and support will dwindle and people will turn to the opposition.
  3. Where some of the commentators believe, that WADDANI’S top leadership is not sincere about Somaliland independence. They base their argument on number of things such as Waddani candidate’s recent meeting with Farmajo the President of Mogadishu government in Nairobi before his election, where the agreement was to crumble Somaliland internally by creating conducive environment for conflict and chaos,where the interventions of the Mogadisho government and their Amisom foot soldiers becames easy and justifiable.
  4. In addition others believe radical religious elements in Waddani’s top politburo prey for the death of democracy in Somaliland and the emergence of their desired forms of governance.
  5. Where some of the commentators describe WADDANI’s unwilling to participate elections lack of funds and small party support base in comparison with its main contender Kulmiye party.
Therefore it is incumbent on Somaliland election stakeholders such as civil society organizations, partner countries, and international organizations to keep a close eye on Somaliland democratization process which has many enemies within and outside, who wants to crumble democracy and produce their deadly cards of governance.
By: Mohammed Dahir Ahmed.Mohammed holds the Islamic Banking
and Finance Qualification (IFQ) from the London Institute of Securities and Investment on top of other business and fianance qualification.
By: Mohammed Dahir Ahmed
       Senior Financial Consultant and Independent Political Analyst.
      Hargeisa, Somaliland
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