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Somaliland Job Opportunities:Chief Finance Officer – DP World Berbera

Division: Finance Location: Berbera, Somaliland Department: MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL OFFICE- DPW FZE MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL OFFICE – DEP

Closing Date: 31-Mar-2017


Chief Finance Officer: Based in Somaliland – Berbera – you will report to the CEO of the Business Unit. This role will be responsible for all financial related activities including Budgeting and Cost Control, Accounts, Audit, Taxation, Insurance, Banking and Treasury. Under the present Organization Finance will also be responsible of the procurement Department.
Key Accountabilities:
Ensure budget templates are prepared by Finance & Accounts team and handed over to Head of Departments
Compare the proposed budgets with previous year’s actual to spot trends and unusual happenings
Ensure accuracy of annual budget preparation for all the departments and consolidation of the budgets
Ensure adherence to the allocated budgets
Participate in all budgetary meetings
Analyse, evaluate, and ensure implementation of the purchasing policies and procedures
Evaluate purchasing transactions and procedures; implement modifications to increase cost-effectiveness of the purchasing program
Coordinate with Procurement Manager and approve requests for procurement of materials
Coordinate with Procurement Manager and approve requests for procurement of material

Supervisory Functions

Oversee accounting functions

Preparation of financial statements

Accounting systems and procedures

Monitor financial reporting

Collect information relating to capital expenditure payments and update on a regular basis for the purpose of Cash Flow projections
Assist in preparation of cost studies related to various projects and proposals
Manage liaison with various statutory bodies

Manage auditing. Ensure effective coordination with internal and external auditors
Ensure corrective action
Establish and implement Performance Testing Standards and Best Practices for the department
Develop, implement and enforce department’s policies, procedures, and guidelines in coordination with the general management of DP World
Plan and monitor training programs for department personnel
Plan, monitor and analyse MIS reports
Establish and maintain performance criteria (KPIs)
Perform periodical scheduled performance review with reporting personnel
Provide regular process control checks, initiate and support performance improvement activities
Implementation and compliance with HSE policy
Any other work deemed fit for structuring of tasks and goals, to achieve high productivity with efficient utilisation of resources




Dubai, UAE :DP World, Ltd. (DP World) alerts job applicants and the public about a fraudulent scheme in which DP World has been impersonated.

The scammers fraudulently:

DP World informs job applicants and the public that:

One of the red flags that distinguishes a false communication from a legitimate DP World communication is the poor grammatical use of the English language, which is apparent in conversations with the scammers. Another red flag is the method of communication as DP World does not use commercially-available e-mail providers. No legitimate DP World communication would come from a common, publicly-available email service like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Microsoft Outlook.
Further, false communications can also be identified by the tasks requested by the scammers. DP World does not request that its employees pay vendors personally, whether from their own funds or from funds provided by DP World. Likewise, DP World would never ask an employee to cash a check or money order and then make a deposit into a vendor’s account.
Contacted individuals should not respond to any communication regarding the scam, and under no circumstances should any individual deposit any checks, money orders, or other payments from the scammers into their bank accounts. If such funds are for some reason deposited, no payments should be made from those funds for at least seven (7) days after the funds are deposited to ensure the individual’s bank has accepted the check, money order, or other payment.
DP World encourages potential employees to refer to its website and its “Careers” section if they are seeking employment with DP World.
If you have any concerns about the authenticity of any correspondence or documents that purport to be issued by DP World, you should direct your concerns to DP World at HO.Recruitment@dpworld.com.
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APPLY FOR THIS VACANCY: VAC3998 – Chief Finance Officer – DP World Berbera

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