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Somaliland Job Opportunities: Development of a Youth Policy For Somaliland

Type of Contract: MIDA(2 individual expert)
Duration of contract: Two and Half Months
Date of Issue: 30th September 2016
Closing Date: 14th October 2016
Organizational Unit: IOM Somalia in collaboration with UNFPA Somalia.
1. Background
Somaliland is one of the youngest countries in the world, whereby seven out of ten are younger than 35 years old1 . Avenues for youth to obtain an education and gainful employment opportunities are limited and opportunities to engage politically, economically, or socially remain low.
The space and opportunities are further limited for girls and young women. Different UN agencies working in Somaliland have projects which focus completely or partially on adolescents and youth, addressing the priorities outlined in Peace building and State-building documents.
Although the UN recognizes the role adolescents and young Somalis could play in the peace- and national-building in Somaliland, so far, adolescents and youth programming and interventions have lacked a comprehensive and integrated long-term approach. There has been inconsistent engagement of Somaliland
youth in the planning, implementation and monitoring of policies and programmes as well as limited success in effectively mainstreaming adolescents and youth issues in the political and development processes. Failing to respond to the needs of adolescents and youth in Somaliland put at risk the chances of lasting peace and stability.
In order to appropriately respond to the needs and aspirations of young people, the UN has developed a Joint Youth Strategy for Somaliland. Placing youth empowerment at the centre of the UN work in Somaliland, the UN Youth Strategy for Somaliland articulates into a strategic and integrated framework all the different efforts, programmes and initiatives currently being implemented by the UN in the country.
Furthermore, the Youth Strategy recognizes the role of adolescents and youth as partners of our development efforts, and challenges the misunderstanding that Somaliland youth are either part of the problem or simply passive beneficiaries of our work. Placing social, political and economic empowerment at the core of the UN Youth Strategy is a vital prerequisite for transformation in Somalia.
The multidimensional concept of empowerment – social, economic and political – provides ample scope for harmonizing approaches to youth policies and programming. This will help harness the full potential of youth by ensuring youth become strategic social and economic actors, as well as peace builders.


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