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Somaliland a better place for Dp World to invest-Editorial

Image Courtesy: DP World


Horndiplomat-The agreement between Somaliland and the DP World on the management and the investment of the strategic port of Berbera by the Dubai DP World reflects from the historical ties between the Gulf Nations and the people of Somaliland.
Somalilanders were the pioneering workers in the Gulf and they were known for their high integrity and competence. Once you listen to the story of the old men in Hargeisa, Bur’o, Erigavo,Berbera and Borama, while they are chatting in the’ ‘tea-shops’, they often speak in Arabic. Members of the public, specially the youth may think that they are in a market in Dubai. The story of these old men often revolves around their past life in the United Arab Emirates: the companies they used to work, their working conditions, their salary and how they were loved by their brethren in the Gulf.

On the other hand, the people in the Gulf acknowledge this; they often refer the Somalilanders as a friendly and noble people who are clear off the mediocrities such as lies, theft, conspiracy and forgery. According to the stories of our elderly men the security forces of the Gulf States were familiar with the Somali culture and used to maintain better communication with them, different from the other nationals.
Now, the Gulf States are logistically and technically better advanced than before and Somaliland is secure and virgin land appropriate for investment. The decision of the DP WORLD to invest in Somaliland is a landmark and step forward to revive the historical relations between the two nations. Not only the Port of Berbera, although it is extremely more strategic, but there are also so many other sectors fitting for investment such as livestock, fishery, farming, tourism and mining.


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